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ACER Iconia Tab A500 Hard Reset

ACER Iconia Tab A500 Hard Reset and ACER Iconia Tab A500 Clean Boot Method.

Resetting your Acer A500 tablet Holding Volume level UP, Switch on Power, then turn Lock On/Off back and forth with Volume level Up Continually held.

THIS STARTS THE RESET, wait for 20 second. to start Android operating system.
You may have to execute a reset if your product fails to answer when keys are pressed or the display screen is tapped. To reset your product use a small thin item (such as a paperclip) to click the recessed reset key.

Place a small thin item (such as a paperclip) to reset power to the tablet.

ACER Iconia Tab A500 Clean Boot Method

A clean boot will recover your device to the factory configurations.

Notice! This will remove all your private info, any connections stored on your tablet and any applications you set up.

Open Settings from the application menu, then tap Privacy > Factory data reset; click Reset tablet and then Erase everything to format your tablet.

After a certain number of wrong items, you will be offered with an choice to reset your style. Tap Forgot pattern? and enter your Google profile login name and security password. Notice: You should have an active Google profile on the product. If not operating do a clean boot.

Install any Iconia A500 Patch

  • Primary copy upgrade. Zip file to your FAT or FAT32 microSD card.
  • Copy Update. Zip to the microSD card, but delete everything else on the card.
  • Electrical power off your fully charged A500 product with the microSd card placed.
  • Click and hold the Volume level Down key then click and hold the Power key in concert.
  • When you see the LED transforms on, release Power key but still hold Volume level down key. The Acer brand will show up on the display screen and the tablet will shake. Still click Volume level Down key until you see “Removing cache before SD update…” message. The update. Zip file will be instantly set up and then your product will restart.

A500 System Update: Select Applications, Configurations, About Tablet, and System Update.


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