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Alcatel One Touch Fierce Hard Reset

Alcatel One Touch Fierce Hard Reset Method is here. Basic Alcatel One Touch Fierce Factory Reset.

Alcatel One Touch Fierce Hard Reset When you are not able to energy on your mobile phone, there is a different way to execute a factory data reset by using hardware keys. Click the Volume level up key and the energy key at same time until the display screen lights up. Factory data reset Mobile phone reset will remove all of your private files from internal mobile phone storage area, including data about your Google Account, any other accounts, your process and app configurations, and any saved apps. Resetting the mobile phone does not remove any system application updates you have downloaded or any data files on your microSD card, such as audio or images. If you mark the checkbox – reserve the content of Mobile phone storage II just before touching Reset mobile phone, any files stored on your cell phone’s storage space will not be removed. If you reset the mobile phone in this way, you are prompted to re-enter the same kind of details as when you first started Android operating system.

You can also hard reset your phone via menu Factory data reset:

Go to Settings
Touch Data backup and Reset
Factory data reset Touch Reset Mobile phone
Remove Everything.

Alcatel One Touch Fierce Soft Reset or force reboot Restart your mobile phone by pushing and holding the Energy key for about 7 secs.


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