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HTC M4 Hard Reset

HTC M4 Hard Reset and HTC M4 Master Format Technique and Method.

Just before you purchase a new mobile phone or new tablet device, you should try the pursuing process to fix your process. 1st charge your battery power, data backup your important files if possible and in most conditions get out SIM and SD card. It is not possible to recover your files after executing a hard reset, so on-line data backup is generally essential. For all of your files, a data backup must be done on an alternative device, hard drive, raid system technique or media. With or without insurance plan, if your mobile phone lost, broken or taken at least your important files is guaranteed up in a secure place.

Totally Reset the HTC M4 Hard Reset

Executing a factory reset utilizing hardware control buttons

If you cannot switch HTC M4 on or accessibility configurations, you can still perform a factory reset by using the hardware control buttons on HTC M4.
1. Click and hold the VOLUME DOWN key, and then click and hold the POWER key.
2. Wait for the display screen with the three Android graphics to show up, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN control buttons.
3. Click VOLUME DOWN to choose FACTORY RESET, and then click the POWER key.

Factory totally reset will completely remove all your files and custom-made configurations, and will remove any apps you have saved and set up. Make sure to backup any data and documents you want to keep just before you do a factory reset.

Reset Your HTC M4 Mobile phone

If your mobile phone has a chronic trouble that can’t be fixed, you can execute a factory reset. A factory reset goes back the smartphone returning to its initial state — the state just before you switched on the mobile phone for the 1st time.

The following you will be eliminated from the mobile phone when you do a factory reset:

  • – Your Google Profile
  • – All accounts you have additional in Configurations > Accounts & synchronize and the files related with these accounts
  • – Private files that you have created or synchronize to the mobile phone such as your user profile, connections, messages, electronic mail, calendar events, and much more
  • – Program and app data and configurations
  • – Saved applications

Data files such as your songs, images, video clips, and records, documents will also be removed if you choose the Remove all files choice.
Make sure to data backup any data and files you would like to keep just before you do a manufacturer totally reset.

Notice: A factory reset might not exactly completely remove all data from your mobile phone, including private information and facts.


  • 1. Move the Notices screen open up, and then tap Configurations symbol.
  • 2. Tap Storage area > Factory data reset.
  • 3. Tap Reset mobile phone, and then tap Remove everything.

Executing a factory reset via options

The most practical way to do a factory reset is via the configurations.

  • 1. From the Home display screen, click MENU, and then tap Configurations.
  • 2. Tap SD & mobile phone storage > Factory data reset.
  • 3. Tap Reset mobile phone, and then tap Remove everything.

HTC M4 Soft Reset

If HTC M4 will not answer when you touch the display screen or click the control buttons, you can still reboot it.
Click and hold the POWER key for at least 10 secs, and then launch it. HTC M4 then reboots.

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