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The biggest criticisms of the LG G2 was surely it’s interface. Why was that?Because it was kind of confusing to use it. For example,for seeing a message you receive while you are doing something else, you had to scroll down to see it. If we compare this to HTC One M8, it’s much harder or to check the messages. It wasn’t easy. But it was showy as a look for the LG G2. It was kind of hard to reach what you want in a phone, which was almost excellent in screening.

The new interface of the LG G3 shows us that the company has worked well for the interface problem. The new flat tile look is nice.The icons have been redesigned. All the applications have different colors so you don’t mix them when you look. The range of colors is more gentle.The smooth moves like those show that LG learned a lot as a company and G3 will be something touchy.
The problems have been found well nad there is a more direct way of navigating through the handset. LG has surely taken some touches from HTC, Samsung and Apple with it’s new interface. But who doesn’t? It is a must for all companies to look what the other is doing. For example, the home screen tips videos which remind us the Samsung’s pointless magazine option on Galaxy S5. The colors remind us of HTC M8 and the direct design moves remind of the Apple moves surely. We can’t say that the Interface is still as fascinating as the Apple maybe, but saying that LG had a good improvement on it after the critics of the LG G2.

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