One of the most significant problems with the G2 was the fact that it had a really bright plastic shell. The phone was well packaged surely but still didn’t offer the same premium quality as the HTC One, Iphone or Sony Xperia Z1. With the introduce of the LG G3, the South Korean brand has gone for the best of both worlds. They have made a new metallic skin that looks fresh and feels premium,but offers the lower weight and added connectivity benefits of polycarbonate. LG G2 was also nice when you put it in your hands but surely LG3 has a different feeling when you touch it and look at it in your hands.


The LG G3 Stylus is different than the LG G3 with it’s more affordable price point, while also getting the addition of a stylus. The LG has told that the G3 stylus will have a more affordable price than what is expected. I don’t personally know of it but i feel that they will not make a mistake as they did some with the new G series. We can say that,probably, that the 5.5 inch handset will not be competing well enough with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, because it is set to take a part in the busy middle market. The G3 has been lost it s place to G3 Stylus which will cover now, because you’ll have to be feeling adequate with the QHD IPS 5.5 inch screen, which is a lowly resolution of 960*540.

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