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LG G3 Review Introduction – Part 2

The LG G3 innovation team told in a magazine that they had a lof researchs about the screen size, the sharpness of the screen and the pixel numbers.

One of the most important and ambitious thing they said was that “Steve Jobs was wrong!”. Well it really is an assertive way of speaking when we talk about the mobile phones. But why did they say that? Because they agreed that there was a limit to what the human eye can see in terms of sharpness. But LG team disagrees the way sight works means the Retina display is the most important. We see that this is much obvious now because the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 is much sharper than the one in iPHONE 5S.

That kind of look isn’t the only way to understand what’s going on. The more agressive one is what is been done with the QHD Screen. Samsung’s new S class is offering 440ppi sharpness, the G3 has 538ppi which is equivalent to high end glossary art books, which LG used as the bencmark of sharpness to aim at. Maybe the most important person in the innovation part of LG’s smartphones is Dr. RamChan Woo. He is the head of the smartphone planning for LG. He told in an interview that the idea was you need pixels to fill in the space between lines. If you want to make that is different and sorting out from the spaces. So they made everything in the upper limit to make them look premium.

So the dilemma starts just here. There is a beatiful screen obviously. The browsing of the Internet, looking at pictures, watching high-end videos. They are all great. It just looks like the feeling you have when looking at the G2. Which has a simply stunning screen. LG knows how to make incredible displays for a long time. And now the QHD screen is much more amazing then the previous ones. The sharpness is something new and inredible. Maybe the question of the experts is what is to be asked now:

“Is it too different then the LG2”. My answer is yes. I felt it while looking at the phone when I had it in my hand. One of the experts I read was saying that the QHD screen might not be adding too much for the LG G3. I don’t think that personally but I respect.For me, there is one thing obvious, and it is that the all new smartphones we’ll see in almost more than a year, will be using this technology. So we must wait and see who is doing it first. But LG, the company with it’s famous Televisions, will be a pioneer with this technology for sure.

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