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LG G3 Review Introduction

LG G3 shows us a brand new phone ahead of time in order to have a place in the industry that could change some places in the mobile world.

LG has shocked many mobile phone experts when it launced one of the most poplular and innovating phones of the year 2013,with the LG G2 which impressed far more than what’s been expected by many. But as normally, tech changes rapidly and all companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC brought new superior models. So Lg decided to release the new LG3 faster than they have decided in the beginning. The new phone brings a new screen technology that is much different than what has been seen before.

If you think the phone is not having so much new technology, well you might need to think again. Though LG pushed the product forward before than the chosen time at the beginning,the changes that’s been made are obvious:  The new battery is removable and easy to carry. There is a new MicroSD slot, a metallic frame and maybe most importantly, a brand new,mature interface. In general,it’s easy to say that almost everything has changed from last years’ one of most sold mobile phones, LG G2. To analyze if LG G3 has been an almost perfect smartphone, we should check somethings more detailed:


There are many kew features that LG is saying that is new and improved this year and with the G3,but probably the most talked change might be the QHD screen. You might be hearing this term new and don’t worry, it’s ver normal. Because it’s very recent that LG showed it to us. QHD screen is has four times the pixel count of and HD screen. This makes an incredible screen performance for a phone against it’s competitors.  If we should compare two 720p screen phones, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, than the first things we should think about are their pixel numbers. Well, Galaxy S5 was very popular with it’s 2 million Pixels when it fist launched, but LG G3 has a 3.6 million pixel number which is incredible. It’s way much sharper. But can we say that it is mindblowing. That’s questionable. Why.. We’ll see in the next review.

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