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LG Optimus Zone Hard Reset

LG Optimus Zone Hard Reset and LG Optimus Zone Factory Settings Method.

Making use of the hard reset VS410PP If you can’t recall your open up pattern, PIN, or security password, you need to execute a hard reset to access your mobile phone. When the mobile phone is switched off, click and hold the Home Button + Volume Level Down Key + Power/Lock Key. When the display screen shows the LG logo, release the Power/Lock Key. When the screen displays an Android operating system robot cartoon, release the other keys. Leave your mobile phone for at least a minute while it functions the hard reset, then your mobile phone will reboot. Warning If you execute a hard reset, all user apps and user files are deleted. This can’t be reversed. Don’t forget to back up any critical files before executing a hard reset.

To reset your LG Optimus Zone Android operating system Jelly bean or ICS to factory settings and remove all the files on your mobile phone using the menu, select Configurations → Backup and reset → Factory data reset → Reset device → Remove all.

  • On the Home display screen, touch the Menu Key.
  • Touch System configurations > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.
  • NOTE You can touch the check box to also remove all material from your microSD card when the mobile phone is reset.
  • Read the warning and touch Reset mobile phone.
  • Touch Remove everything. Interest: If a factory reset is executed, all installed app and user files will be removed.

Please don’t forget to backup any critical files before executing a factory reset. Resetting the mobile phone does not remove any system application updates you have downloadable or any files on your microSD card, such as songs or images.

If you reset the mobile phone in this way, you are prompted to re-enter the same information that you did when you first started Android mobile phone.


You can use LG Mobile Support tool to repair your LG mobile phone, after download select menu Customer Support > Recovery Phone (VS410PP)Go to Support > Mobile Phone Support > Select the Model VS410PP.


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