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New Alcatel Brand Review

Why do we need a phone, you might ask. In the past, that question might bring lot of observed research beside that but if you check the question again, you will be able to see that there is no need for such a question that criticize your way of using phone. Of course, with that, the need for having a phone, especially Alcatel ones, are really became an important need. Having a conversation on the phone, texting via friends are now beneficial.

If you are looking for a phone that need to be performed very well, all you have to do is buy an Alcatel smartphones. These phones actually really old produced (first production of course) but if you compare with the other phone companies such as Nokia or Sony Ericsson, you will see that both of them will destroyed by the international market of the phone industry but Alcatel survived.

Why, you might ask. Because Alcatel does something different rather than other companies. As Mark Spencer said in his “Social Darwinism” theory, fittest is the strongest and Alcatel did the “fittest” thing really well. With that, other companies were existed just in the past but Alcatel is exist now and will be exist always, I hope. If you are looking for a smartphone that need to be both well performed and easy to use, it is also not expensive to have such a phone. You will perform the beauty of Android system in these phone and I am sure that you will no regret when you brought this thing.

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